The Good, The Bad and The AI

By Roshni Ganga A few weeks ago, I sat in front of my laptop, hands on the keyboard, debating whether my AI assignment should be objective or subjective. Everything has an inner voice, right? Well, AIs don’t, they just execute orders. So I find it rather ironic how humanity blames AI for the terrors that […]

The Modern Sherlock

By Roshni Ganga Last year, the fourth graders at Schakel received a book about Sherlock Holmes and his first cases. And to speak for myself, I was rather excited to read about the adventures of this master detective.  As a child, I always imagined detectives in vintage brown coats and old-fashioned hats. Searching carefully on […]


Our year 4 students are preparing to go to Suriname on a study trip. Besides getting acquainted with the rich history of the country, its people and the culture, it is tradition that we make a contribution to the local education in the form of learning resources and games. This year we chose the Johannes […]

Tik Tok

It is likely that whoever is reading this, probably knows what TikTok is. two four out of the five people in our school have Tiktok, and one out of the two, upload videos on TikTok and/or have an account. It’s a social media app that is used by at least 1 billion people worldwide. It’s […]

Social Media, Fun!

Through the looking-glass… “Are you caught in a loop of constant scrolling through social media and you wonder if it is a harmless habit or a hidden addiction?” How the harmless tweet turns into a social media addiction: Like other behavioral addictions, using social media can affect your brain in harmful ways. Getting used to […]