Christmas in Aruba

By: Dylan Coutinho

It’s Christmas, don’t know what to do? Then you are in the right place. We will be filling you in on all the best places to eat, shop, and experience Aruba during x-mas time, enjoy …. After all, it’s the best time of the year.

1. Renaissance marketplace, you can come here to just sit back and relax and see the beautiful decorations, or you can enjoy the ice rink.

2. I love to see the roundabouts at Aruba, they are always beautifully decorated. With lights, Santa sculptures, and lit-up giant candy canes. You can go by yourself, but you can also take a bus to see all the beautiful decorated places and houses including the roundabouts.

3. If you want Oliebollen you can go to Bright Bakery, Ling & Sons, and Superfood

4. Another dish that we Arubans like to eat during Christmas is the Ayaca. It consists of corn dough stuffed with a stew of beef, pork, or chicken and other ingredients such as raisins, capers, and olives. 

5. The Pan de Jamon is also a favorite, it’s bread filled with ham, raisins, and green olives, but you can also use different ingredients.

Pan de Jamon, Oliebollen, Ayaca

6. You can go Christmas shopping, we have many local shops in Aruba, so instead of going to Zara or Mango, go buy some awesome T-shirts at Tranquilo. If you want some handmade bags, T-shirts, pencil cases, etc. You could go to Tangerine. You can also go buy some 100% natural and organic makeup, personal care products, and sunscreen at Aruba Life Organics or Paper Sisters for journals and much more. There are much more local stores, so go support our local market!

Tangerine Items