Fun Facts about Teachers and Schakel

Now tell me did you know these things about these  teachers here at Schakel?

Melany: Miss Melany won a badminton competition along with her partner, who later turned out to become her husband. They have now been married for 20 years.

Frans Goutier: Mister Frans Goutier was a top athlete in rowing, he was also proclaimed SSA sports athlete of the year!

Mohammed: Mohammed has a scar on his face, ever wondered why?

He was arriving home on a horse at the age of four in Morocco. His dog barked at the horse, and the horse got scared and Mohammed fell off and hit his head on a rock.

Loucette: Before Miss Loucette became the CKV teacher at Schakel College, she had a different job. She was working as a PR coordinator at a Nature Cemetery

Marieke: Marieke also known as the IK teacher used to be a singer in a band when she was younger

Lizienne: Miss Lizienne one of the mentors and English teachers here at Schakel College loves extreme activities such as bungee jumping

Raywalt: He used to be a coast guard here in Aruba before he went to study in the Netherlands. But now you might know him as the TOA.

Geert: In his whole teaching career has taught more than 5000 different students and Miss Lizienne was one of them (and she never finished her wiskunde homework)

Johalys: Miss Huijben got married at the age of 23 to our great Netherlands teacher Mister Anton 

Johanna: Was chosen to represent Aruba in volleyball and was named most disciplined volleyball athlete at that time

Amberlee: Miss Amberlee doesn’t like coffee, which is surprising since most adults love it, and cause teachers often might need it for long nights

Susanne: A camera crew knocked on her door and woke her up and told her “hey um we got to get you to Switzerland!” so she went, and it ended up being a surprise for her to see her boyfriend at the time

Brandon: Has a Harry Potter inspired tattoo of the mirror of desire. He has desire written in French and backward on his arm

Roger: Mister Roger is scared of pinball machines because the knob goes inside and he has no idea where it goes and it frightens him

Suling: Juf Suling hates pega pega’s because she finds them disgusting and just generally icky

Schakel: Schakel was established in 1995 by 5 mothers who wanted a good school for their kids