Gazebo Stories: Friendship Under The Gazebo

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When you stroll down from the iconic “zij-ingang” onto the tree steps, walking to one of the tables at 7.15, there are quite a few people in school already. But as soon as you spot those friends of yours sitting at your usual table greeting you with fistbumps, hugs and an empty seat next to them, that smile appears on your face.

Most of the time, in the morning when I go to school, I get almost a dozen “good mornings” not only from my friends but also from the teachers. This gives me that good feeling, where I think it was worth it to wake up early for school to see those amazing faces full of light and joy.

The thing I love the most when I sit there, is that you can see students talking to each other, telling stories, experiences from their vacation, discussing homework and the upcoming test material or just predicting how their first class will go when the bell rings. 

You can actually see people talking to each other, paying attention to each other instead of being distracted by their phones and laptops. This brings me so much joy, because now we live in a time where technology has almost taken over the world.

Usually when I go to the doctor or to the bank with my father, I see everyone, who’s waiting, glued to their phones; Putting on the free wifi, checking their emails, watching Tiktok, updating their snapchat, etc.

I’m happy there are these little moments where we, students, take some time for our friends and loved ones to make them feel appreciated and worth their time. Technology is always adapting and expanding, but friendships are true treasures which I believe should be nurtured and will last a lifetime. 

When did you last take a moment to ask your buddy how his afternoon went after he left school? Or what she did in her Easter vacation?

“Who has made your morning brighter?”

This is Rinisha Ganga, 

Off to class

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