Halloween movies

by Kimmy Marsman

Sometimes you want to live up to the Halloween spirit and watch some scary movies but deciding which one might be a bit difficult. That’s where this article comes in handy. Because here there are 5 different 

The Addams Family

When a man claiming to be Fester, the missing brother of Gomez Addams, arrives at the Addams’ home, the family is thrilled. However, Morticia Addams begins to suspect the man is a fraud, since he cannot recall details of Fester’s life.

The Addams family is a popular movie which can be watched as a live-action and animated movie.

You can watch it on; Youtube, Netflix, Apple TV, Amazon prime video

Corpse Bride

When a shy groom practices his wedding vows inside a forest in the presence of a deceased woman named Emily, she rises from the grave assuming he has married her.

Corpse Bride is an animated stop motion film.

You can watch it on; iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and Vudu.

Edward scissorhands

An unfinished artificial humanoid who has scissor blades instead of hands that is taken in by a suburban family and falls in love with their teenage daughter.

Edward scissorhands is a live action movie.

You can watch it on; Hulu, Disney+, and ESPN+


A teenager teams up with the daughter of young-adult horror author R.L. Stine after the writer’s imaginary demons are set free in the town of Madison, Delaware. After moving to a new small town, teenage Zach Cooper meets the beautiful girl next door, Hannah.

Goosebumps is a live-action movie.

You can watch it on;Disney+ and Hulu

The Nightmare Before Christmas

It tells the story of Jack Skellington, the King of “HalloweenTown”, who stumbles upon “Christmas Town” and schemes to take over the holiday.

The Nightmare Before Christmas is a clay animation film done in stop motion.

You can watch it on; Disney+

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