Saying Goodbye to Mr. Geert

Known for his unwavering passion and great sense of humor that spreads like wildfire.

By Roshni Ganga

Mr. Geert Loonen is an interesting mathematics educator who has had a successful and fulfilling 15-year career as a math educator at Schakel College. Known for his unwavering passion and great sense of humor that spreads like wildfire, he has even played a role in the education of one of our current English educators. This exceptional individual, who has a genuine passion for inspiring his students and making math exciting, has decided to hang up his hat and retire at the age of 64.

Mr. Geert recalls the early days of Schakel College, when oral tests were administered. During test week, one of his math students remained notably quiet. However, upon receiving the grade of the student, Mr. Geert his smile extended to the rim of his glasses, encapsulating his joy as the student proudly revealed a perfect score of 10. 

Due to the fact that the school, Schakel College, will change completely, Mr. Geert will take early retirement. “I was part of Schakel College 1 and now there will be a new start, a new beginning with Schakel College 2”, as Mr. Geert likes to call it.

Mr. Geert assures us that it is okay not to have a clear career path yet. He shares, “I had many aspirations, I wanted to become anything and everything, but only later did I realize my passion for education.” He advises us to stay open-minded and not worry about not knowing our future ambitions.

Mr. Geert shared his future plans, stating, “I own farmland where I plan to plant agaves for enjoyment, not for profit.” Despite being 64 years old, he remains active and energetic. Therefore, if you encounter him again, you might find him amidst agave plants, chickens, wielding a shovel, and wearing a hat on his farmland.

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