Story of Miss Tamara!

by Sophia de Cuba

Hello fellow readers I have recently interviewed someone that you have probably seen, well maybe….. you can see her working once you enter the building. It’s…. Miss Tamara! She works at the reception and I decided to interview her and make a story about her so we can get to know her better. 

Before Tamara started working at Schakel College, she worked at a construction company. Then De Schakel offered her a six-hour per day job, which was perfect seeing as she had two young children at the time. Tamara is in charge of many tasks here at school, such as making invoices of school fees and Human Resources related tasks. Have you ever wondered who is in charge of the cash box? Well, it’s her! According to Miss Tamara, she enjoys her job although the school is getting bigger, but she’s flexible in her daily work activities and that makes it easy. Once upon a time she worked at a few banks in the Netherlands and she also had her own business/shop at one point; it was a clothing store!

In her free time, Tamara loves to take naps and walk with her dogs, and she likes volunteering for organizations. She also told me she has a future goal of having her own business company in about 10 years, here’s hoping that she accomplished her goal!

Thank you Miss Tamara for all that you do in keeping the school up and running!