Tik Tok

It is likely that whoever is reading this, probably knows what TikTok is.

two four out of the five people in our school have Tiktok, and one out of the two, upload videos on TikTok and/or have an account. It’s a social media app that is used by at least 1 billion people worldwide. It’s extremely popular but also dangerous.

But why is it dangerous?

Tiktok is a Chinese app, owned by ByteDance. When you first download TikTok, It will first ask you to agree to the terms and conditions, once you agree, TikTok will be able to do such things like search through other apps on your phone, like whatsapp, discord, instagram, snapchat, etc and gather personal information linked to you.

One of the many dangers of TikTok are the trends. If you don’t know what trends are, those are basically a topic that would appear on many posts for a while, but then be forgotten as the  time goes by. Some of the dumb trends were the “Kiki trend” and “The blackout challenge” A large amount of people ended up passing away due to those trends. 

As I mentioned earlier, TikTok is being used by a large number of students in our school. Some students upload videos, some don’t, some don’t even have an account and some don’t. But it is pretty common to accidentally end up in somebody’s TikTok video. Recently there has been some interviewing going on in first year, where some students interview others and upload it on TikTok, often without the other students’ consent. So that is another danger. Unwanted attention or appearance on social media.