Valentine’s Day Gift ideas

by Olav Vroegop

As you know, Valentine’s Day is a special day for some people. You can give gifts, you can ask people out, you can do fun things together or you can just give gifts to your friends. If you do not like Valentine’s Day, you can just do something by yourself.

But if you go out with someone you must give a gift or else it is not that nice.

There are actually many gifts people give to their significant other, like

  • Chocolates, Flowers, Cakes, Jewelry, Personalized Gifts, Candles, Personalized Photo Puzzle.                                                                                                                                  
  • Heart-Shaped Sunglasses.
  • Heart-Shaped Mug with Heart-Shaped Tea Bags.

I came up with a few questions that are related to Valentine’s Day gifts. I think you know this teacher, it’s mister Joshua. I asked Joshua what the worst gift was that you could give someone and he said rotten fruit. On the other hand, he once got a large amount of chocolate on Valentine’s Day, which he really enjoyed. 

I asked more people like Mister Hylke, he said that it’s not that important to give a gift on Valentine’s Day because you should show your love for your significant other year-round and not just on Valentine’s Day. Mister Walid said the same as mister Hylke; giving someone a gift isn’t important. 

So, what will you get your significant other or friend(s) if you think it’s important to give a gift? I would maybe get the chocolates or cakes or a personalized photo puzzle or one candle that says ‘You Light Up My Life’. 

Valentine’s Day is the day of Love, The day that you can show your love for your significant other. It’s the day that you can give a gift if you want. 

What do you like about Valentine’s day?