Music & Christmas: It’s that time of the year again! 

Music is something that can bring people together and is used for many different occasions! Birthdays, Halloween, Christmas, etc. When you think of Christmas music I bet all you can think of is Mariah Carey or Michael bublé (but I think all you can think about is our whistle-note queen) and today I’m gonna be telling you more about the history of American Christmas music! So let’s take a deep dive through the history of Christmas music in the USA.

Christmas music began in the 4th century in Rome and by the 13th century, it started to become more and more popular and not just in Latin! Due to immigrant traditions, Christmas music started becoming a thing in the US. Now let’s talk about some of the most popular American singers who sang Christmas songs. There’s Bing Crosby, Nat king cole, Mariah Carey, Ariana Grande, Michael Bublé, Taylor Swift, Andy Williams, Fred Coots, and so much more. Some of those names might have you like “what? whos that?” well you probably don’t know who they are (neither did i) but you DEFINITELY know one of their songs! Like Andy Williams sang the 12 days of Christmas and It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Music is played at events to liven things up and when ur music has a specific theme and or genre that perfectly fits your event it might just work! Playing Christmas music at a Christmas party gets everyone in a cheerful jolly holiday mood. So if you ever need to lighten up the mood and it’s November or December put on some Christmas music! maybe Santa tell me? all I want for Christmas is you? or Santa Claus is coming to town

Music will always bring people together and make everything 100x better. Now that this article is over, go listen to some Christmas music! To brighten up your mood maybe? or put you in the Christmas spirit. -> and here’s a fun playlist 🙂