Projectweek 3de klas

by Kumsum

My personal experience with this project week was not anything extraordinary. It did not involve doing anything crafty and therefore I did not feel the excitement. Instead, we learned about the business world and how to start your own business. Yes, this does sound like a good theme because this way we are more informed about how the business industry works, but my opinions on it are kind of facing the negative side.

Firstly, I believe this project week should have been optional since there are many students who are sure that they do not want to go into the business industry. This project week is a perfect program for students who do want to go into the business industry as they can gain some sort of experience. It could also help students who are confused about what they want to choose because they can then see if they enjoy this program or not.

Secondly, the tasks were somewhat odd. This project was given to a bunch of teenagers who I assure you do not know the costs of starting a business or how to invent an app. I felt that the tasks were too intense, especially since we do not have much knowledge on this subject.

Now this does not mean that I find the whole theme of this project week bad. I do think that it is great that the school is putting in effort for us to gain experience that does not come from memorizing the words in our books. 

It could have just been done differently or given to us later when we have a better understanding of the subject.