Saying Goodbye to Mr. Geert

“Known for his unwavering passion and great sense of humor that spreads like wildfire.“ By Rose –Roshni Ganga– Mr. Geert Loonen is an interesting mathematics educator who has had a successful and fulfilling 15-year career as a math educator at Schakel College. Known for his unwavering passion and great sense of humor that spreads like […]

Tik Tok

It is likely that whoever is reading this, probably knows what TikTok is. two four out of the five people in our school have Tiktok, and one out of the two, upload videos on TikTok and/or have an account. It’s a social media app that is used by at least 1 billion people worldwide. It’s […]

Into the Captivating World of Netflix

Netflix Unlocked: A Student’s Journey Through the Streaming World Rose –Roshni Ganga– One of the most well-known breaks that we, the students, all eagerly await is the summer break. The break that seems so unusually far away, yes, that one. But now that the third semester is almost over, the summer break is already in […]

Social Media, Fun!

Through the looking-glass… “Are you caught in a loop of constant scrolling through social media and you wonder if it is a harmless habit or a hidden addiction?” How the harmless tweet turns into a social media addiction: Like other behavioral addictions, using social media can affect your brain in harmful ways. Getting used to […]

Projectweek 3de klas

by Kumsum My personal experience with this project week was not anything extraordinary. It did not involve doing anything crafty and therefore I did not feel the excitement. Instead, we learned about the business world and how to start your own business. Yes, this does sound like a good theme because this way we are […]