Social Media, Fun!

Through the looking-glass…

“Are you caught in a loop of constant scrolling through social media and you wonder if it is a harmless habit or a hidden addiction?”

How the harmless tweet turns into a social media addiction:

Like other behavioral addictions, using social media can affect your brain in harmful ways. Getting used to scrolling through messages, images, and videos can interfere with other parts of your life.

Not everyone who uses social media will be addicted. But this activity has become increasingly accessible, which is why more people may develop an addiction to it.

Although social media seems relaxing, it has a harmful effect on your brain:

Every time you log on to Instagram or TikTok, dopamine signals in your brain increase. Social media stimulates dopamine in the brain, leading to pleasurable experiences and a desire to repeat it, similar to addiction.

Occasional use of social media is unlikely to be harmful. However, there are effects to consider:

Some drawbacks may include; low self-esteem, fear of missing out on something (FOMO), disrupted sleep patterns, low grades, or work performance.

Social media can also have benefits; connectivity, information sharing, awareness, and activism.

There is talk of differences between social media addiction and simply liking social media, with emphasis on negative effects and dependence on addiction, while liking social media can be pure fun without these problems.

Consider the following tips that can assist you in living a healthier life:

* Delete social media apps from your phone, although you can still access them from your computer. 

*Turn off your phone during school. You can also adjust the settings of social media apps. 

*Set a barricaded time off for social media per day.

‘Take action – become master of these decisions before your social media account does!’

In conclusion, being on social media regularly does not mean you automatically become addicted to it.

By taking frequent breaks and setting clear boundaries for yourself, you can prevent a dependency on social media before it becomes harmful. If you suspect you have a social media addiction, there are ways you can treat it to enhance your overall well-being. Don’t hesitate to contact a professional or talk it out with a parent.

In what ways will you try to reduce your social media “addiction”?