Saying Goodbye to Mrs. Marieke

In the ever-changing rhythm of school life, there are moments that signal a shift and leave a lasting impression on students and faculty alike. At the end of the school year, we bid farewell to remarkable individuals entwined in our educational journey. As their time at Schakel College concludes, we acknowledge their contributions and lasting impact.

Endings and Beginnings of Departing Educational Professionals

By Roshni Ganga

Mrs. Marieke

Motivated by her children attending the elementary school of Schakel and inspired by a friend’s internship, the amiable Mrs. Marieke applied for a position here at Schakel College. Remarkably, she succeeded among four vacancies, securing a role teaching Information Science. With a knack for clear explanations and motivating students, she balances her own business, ‘Shimmer make up by Marieke’, while bringing kindness and passion to the classroom.

“In my personal situation, there have been significant changes in the past year, which have led me to return to the Netherlands a year early and start a new life there, which I am very excited about”, said Mrs. Marieke, letting us know more about her motivation for leaving. She will be working as a teacher in the field of beauty care at a vocational school, which is in line with her interests.

“Never let others determine your happiness; choose for yourself. You have to love yourself first! Then you can radiate it to others. That is definitely something I have learned in the past year. Sometimes, you have to make choices in life that ultimately bring more fulfillment.”

Throughout her time at Schale College, Mrs. Marieke has not only imparted knowledge to her students but has also gained valuable insights she wishes to share. One important lesson she emphasizes is the significance of not allowing others to determine our happiness. 

“Loving yourself first is essential. It enables you to radiate positivity to others, and sometimes, making choices that bring greater fulfillment is necessary.”

Fortunately, Mrs. Marieke won’t be leaving everyone at Schakel College behind, but she lets us know that she will definitely miss all the dear students and colleagues she has met during her years at Schakel College.

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